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Our History

Built in 1969 as a weekend family getaway by our parents, Jovino and Luz Lorenzo, La Huerta had always served as a place for family and friends to come together for rest and relaxation. It was also a frequent venue for parties and reunions. A lot of fond memories from my childhood come from this place. 

Relatives would spend weekends here, enjoying food and the surroundings. When my father was alive and active in business, he would frequently have associates over for cocktails and dinner. La Huerta became our permanent home in 1972.

Why The Name La Huerta?

Living quietly in Antipolo, my mother had a lot of time on her hands. When my father was at work, and we were in school, she grew and collected orchids as a hobby. My mother’s collection eventually included other crops such as fruit trees, ornamentals, and vegetables. Hence the name La Huerta, which means “the orchard or the garden” in Spanish.

In 1992, my father passed away. I was raising a family at that time and my sisters, Malu and Patti, were off to school in the US. My mother found her nest empty and decided to move back to Makati. Her love for La Huerta , however, would not die. To this day, she continues to care for the place.

La Huerta Estate is 100% Family-Owned.

I invite you to celebrate your special occasions here at La Huerta. I assure you, the experience of a banquet or a reception held here will be something you will cherish for a long time.

Welcome to our home. Welcome to La Huerta Estate.

Anton Lorenzo - Your host

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